Teslin Tlingit Select New Nha Shade Heni

Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Teslin Tlingit Select New Nha Shade Heni

For Immediate Release July 15, 2016

Teslin, Yukon: Richard Sidney was elected as the new Teslin Tlingit Council’s Nha Shade Heni during their annual General Assembly at Brooks Brook July 12th -14th, 2016. Teslin Tlingit Council followed their Traditional Leadership Selection process where the Five Clan representatives reach consensus.

The Nha Shade Heni is selected by a process outlined in the Teslin Tlingit Council Constitution. The Executive Councillor and General Council members are appointed internally by their respective Clans. There are five Clans: Kùkhhittàn, Raven Child Clan, Ishkìtàn, Frog Clan, Yanyèdí , Wolf Clan, Dèshitàn , Beaver Clan, Dakhl’awèdí , Eagle Clan.

Nha Shade Heni Sidney brings experience and knowledge to his role he was a former Chief and has been involved in land claim negotiations. Throughout the years he has always remained actively involved with his government in various capacities.

The three candidates that were vying for the role of Nha Shade Heni all had experience as Chief of the Teslin Tlingit Council: Eric Morris, Richard Sidney and Carl Sidney.

“I wish to thank the other two candidates for their commitment to our Government. It is truly a great honour to represent my people” stated Nha Shade Heni Sidney. “I look forward to working and addressing all the important matters and priorities of our Government”. The Nha Shade Heni’s term is for four years. The Teslin Tlingit Council leadership is made up of the Nha Shade Heni, the Executive Council, the General Council members and the Executive Elder.

For more Information contact:

Jade McGinty
Teslin Tlingit Council Communications
867-390-2532 ext: 306


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