Annual General Assembly

The General Council convenes for three days each July at Brooks Brook for the Annual General Assembly. The agenda of the General Assembly changes each year, and can include items such as the passing of new legislation, constitutional amendments, political appointments, or the review of Departmental goals and activities. On the evening of the second day, there is a traditional feast.

Public Access

The General Assembly is open to TTC Citizens and staff. All other individuals wishing to view the General Assembly require special permission. Citizens are invited to provide comments or ask questions during the one hour Citizens’ Open Forum scheduled at the end of each day. Guests of Citizens and staff are welcome to join the evening feast.

External organizations are welcome to set up information booths on the grounds outside the main hall. For more information, please contact the Executive Services Department at or 867-390-2532 ext. 305.


Every four years, TTC’s political and executive members, including the General Councillors, Executive Councillors, Executive Elder and Chief Executive Officer, are reappointed at the General Assembly.

The 2012 Leadership Process follows the traditional format of appointment. A review of the leadership selection process is currently underway and any changes will be implemented for the 2016 Leadership Process.


Annual General Assembly 2011, July 19th- 21st Annual General Assembly 2011, July 19th- 21st (2317 KB)

July 2016 AGA Resolutions

July 2016 Annual General Assembly Resolutions 

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