Expressions of Teslin Tlingit culture are found in the colourful masks, carvings, paintings, beadwork, button blankets, bags and other crafts made from traditional materials and modern media that are on display at the Heritage Centre.

Local artisans are encouraged and supported in their efforts to achieve economic stability through workshops that provide facilitated training and help them develop their business and artistic skills. For information on assistance programs, see Assistance to Artists. [Insert Link to Service - Assistance to Artists service]


The Heritage Department is responsible for the care and handling of historic objects, traditional knowledge and artwork, as well as the collection, arrangement and preservation of government and historical records for today and future generations of Teslin Tlingit Citizens.

Permanent Collection

The Teslin Tlingit Council permanent collection is the core of the exhibition on display at the Heritage Centre. It contains works of art created by contemporary and traditional Teslin Tlingit artists spanning the last century. These include carved masks, bentwood boxes, beadwork, snowshoes, hide and cloth garments, footwear, paintings, gaming pieces, ceremonial and dance regalia. Other art pieces and artefacts are also on display throughout Teslin Tlingit Council offices.

Archival Collection

The Teslin Tlingit Council archival collection includes original historic and contemporary documents, photographs, films, videos and maps. It also contains digital and electronic recordings of oral history and traditional language and knowledge. A digital collection of the Yukon Archives holdings relevant to Teslin Tlingit is also housed.

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