Why Citizenship is important to the Teslin Tlingit Council

Citizenship Registration Form Citizenship Registration Form (71 KB)

Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) is mandated to design and deliver programs and services to its Citizens depending on the population and where they reside. To better plan for service delivery, it is very important for TTC to know how many Citizens reside in our Traditional Territory and their ages. Having this information also enables us to better implement our strategic work plans for the benefit of Citizens. Some of the programs available through TTC include medical benefits, access to land on Traditional Territory and post-secondary education.

People of Teslin Tlingit ancestry should register as Citizens. This includes registering births. This information will help Teslin Tlingit Council update its list of Citizens since the last official update in 1974 when the First Nation enrolled for the Land Claims Beneficiary List.

Citizens have the right to attend General Council meetings, in particular the Annual General Assembly (AGA) held each summer. Citizens are also welcomed to join TTC public meetings, and to hold their government accountable.

For information about applying for TTC Citizenship, contact CJ Sheldon at Note: Births must also be registered with the Yukon Government department of Vital Statistics.

Why Citizens Should Register as Status Indians

Citizens should also register with the federal department of Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development (formerly Indian & Northern Affairs) to obtain their Registered Indian status. This registration may further entitle them to a wide range of programs and services offered by federal agencies, territorial and provincial governments.

In 1985, important changes were made to the Indian Act to bring it in line with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. In 2011, Bill C-3: Gender Equity in Indian Registration Act was implemented and ensures that eligible grandchildren of women who lost their status as a result of marriage to non-Indian men are now entitled to register as Indians. For more information, visit

Registration as a Status Indian can be done using the forms at

For help filling out forms to obtain passports, register births, apply for social insurance cards, obtain long-form birth certificates, or get answers to citizenship questions, contact CJ Sheldon at or 867-390-2532 ext. 349.

Citizenship Code

The TTC Citizenship Code sets the criteria and process on defining "who" is a Citizen of TTC per the appendix to the Constitution in the link below:

Schedule A - Citizenship Code Schedule A - Citizenship Code (126 KB)

Genealogy Chart

Discovering who and where we came from is important in understanding the Tlingit people. Registered Teslin Tlingit Council Citizens can use the resources of the Records Office and the Genealogy Form to help them trace their family roots.

Genealogy Form Genealogy Form (154 KB)

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