Clan Based Governance

The structure of Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) incorporates traditional Teslin Tlingit Clan culture into contemporary organizational and management principles. Representation by the five Teslin Tlingit Clans – Kukhhittan, Ishkitan, Yanyedi, Deshitan, and Dakhlawedi – is central to TTC government structure. A member of each Clan sits on the Executive Council, and five representatives appointed by each Clan form the General Council.

Under TTC’s Constitution, Clan membership and organization is determined by the customs inherited and observed by the Clan and acknowledged by the other Clans. Each Clan has a Leader and Elders recognized as such by the Clan.

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  1. News release Rick Scramstad 14-Jun-2018
  2. Government of Yukon and Teslin Tlingit Council sign intergovernmental agreement Rick Scramstad 12-Jan-2018
  3. TTC files a petition against the Government of Canada Rick Scramstad 20-Dec-2017

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