The Department of Lands and Resources works in close collaboration with a number of external parties in the management of renewable resources in the Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory.

Teslin Renewable Resource Council

The Teslin Renewable Resource Council (TRRC) consists of 10 members: five nominees of the Yukon Government and one representative from each of Teslin Tlingit Council’s (TTC) five clans. Clan representatives bring the values and concerns of their Clans to resource management decisions. TRRC provides recommendations to the Yukon Government, TTC’s Executive Council and TTC’s Lands and Resources Department regarding matters concerning the conservation of fish and wildlife.

The current Teslin Tlingit members of the TRRC are:

  • Sandy Smarch: Ishkîtàn Clan
  • John Martychuck: Kùkhhittàn Clan
  • Kyle Keenan: Deshîtan
  • Tim Dewhurst: Dakhlawêdi Clan
  • Roland Gergel: Yanyèdi Clan

For more information, visit the Renewable Resource Council’s website.

Salmon Sub-Committee

The Salmon Sub-Committee, as mandated in the Final Agreement (Section 16.7.17), provides recommendations to the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans as well as to First Nation governments in the Yukon. The Department of Lands and Resources works with the Salmon Sub-Committee to co-manage the Yukon River Chinook salmon population. For more information on the Committee, visit the Salmon Sub-Committee website.

Yukon First Nation Lands and Resources Departments

TTC’s Lands and Resources Department liaises with other Yukon First Nations’ Departments on cross-Yukon wildlife, lands, and renewable resource issues. The Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) plays an important role in facilitating meetings and communications between Yukon First Nation Lands and Resources Departments. TTC’s Director of Lands and Resources partakes in regular Lands and Resources caucus meetings organized by CYFN.

Yukon Government Conservation Officer Services

Conservation Officer (CO) Services play a key role in the management of resources in the Traditional Territory. The Lands and Resources Department works with CO Services, sharing expertise and contributing Teslin Tlingit Council’s local knowledge. This collaboration is of great benefit to the conservation efforts in the Teslin region.

Yukon Environment Regional Biologist

The Regional Biologist provides TTC with technical advice and information on wildlife in the Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory.

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