The Executive Services Department is responsible for the vast majority of Teslin Tlingit Council's (TTC) communications requirements. Executive Services staff ensure the efficient exchange of information internally at TTC and the imparting of information externally to Citizens, the wider public and other governments and agencies.

Internal Communications

As a government with eight departments, and four Councils - all working collaboratively - there is a large quantity of information to be exchanged to ensure the government operates efficiently and effectively. The Executive Services Department is primarily responsible for ensuring this process happens.

External Communications

TTC aims to be a transparent and accountable government. The Communications Branch of Executive Services aims to increase awareness, engagement and participation by TTC Citizens in their government. Executive Services staff produce publications, such as Deslin Neek, Publications and the Annual Report, develop communications campaigns, publicize Citizens' meetings, manage media relations, draft press releases and maintain TTC’s website.

Latest News

  1. GC kit avalable for download Rick Scramstad 22-Jan-2019
  2. News release Rick Scramstad 14-Jun-2018
  3. Government of Yukon and Teslin Tlingit Council sign intergovernmental agreement Rick Scramstad 12-Jan-2018

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