Elementary Education

Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) recognizes the importance of the first years of education for founding positive attitudes towards learning in the years to come. The Education branch of the Workforce Development Department offers programs which foster effective and culturally relevant learning for Citizens attending Yukon primary schools.

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Education Support Worker

The Senior Education Support Worker at Teslin School provides assistance and liaison for teachers, parents and the TTC government. Through this position, cultural activities at the school are promoted, including an annual Culture Camp.

Elders at Teslin School

Through the Workforce Development Department, two Elders provide regular guidance at Teslin School.

Meal Program

Every other Wednesday, lunch is provided for Teslin School students at the Healing Centre through TTC’s Health & Social Department.

School Supplies

TTC provides funding for its Citizens to cover the expense of school supplies at Yukon schools. For more information about this service, see School Supplies Assistance.

High School Preparedness

High School is a big step for Teslin Tlingit students who are required to attend Grades 10-12 outside the community in Whitehorse. To help them make the transition, a high school preparedness program provides students with an early introduction to what they can expect. Grade 9 students are brought to Whitehorse twice a year to tour F.H Collins Secondary School and Vanier Catholic High School. To understand how the schools and classes are structured, students sit in on morning and afternoon classes, followed by lunch and a tour of the Gadzoosdaa Student Residence.

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