Executive Council

The nine-member Executive Council is composed of the Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Chief, Executive Youth, one representative from each of the five Clans, and one Elder appointed by the Elders Council. Other than the Executive Elder, all members of Executive Council are appointed for four-year terms by General Council.

Executive Council meets regularly throughout the year, and oversees the laws and policies as approved by General Council as well as executes other authorities as delegated by General Council. Executive Council provides the link between the legislative branch (General Council) and the administrative branch (Management Board and the Departments) of Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC). The Chief Executive Officer, in conjunction with the other Executive Councillors, is responsible for the political direction of TTC.

Chief Executive Officer (Chief) Nha Shade Heni

Richard Sidney


Deputy Chief


Executive Elder

Carl Smarch
867-390-2532 ext 0

Executive Youth


Kùkhhittàn Executive Councillor

Sandy Smarch
867-390-2532 ext 305

Ishkìtàn Executive Councillor

Blair Hogan
867-390-2532 ext 305

Yanyèdí Executive Councillor

Duane Aucoin
867-390-2532 ext 305

Dèshitàn Executive Councillor

Alex Oakley
867-390-2532 ext 305

Dakhl’awèdí Executive Councillor

Ralph Smarch
867-390-2532 ext 305

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