Final Agreement

Teslin Tlingit Council Final Agreement Teslin Tlingit Council Final Agreement (623 KB)

The Final Agreement sets out the general provisions and principles, based on the Umbrella Final Agreement.

These pertain to eligibility and enrolment, Settlement Lands, land use planning, special management areas, development assessment, renewable and non-renewable resources, financial compensation, taxation, trusts, resource royalty sharing, boards and committees, heritage, economic development, self-government, transboundary agreements, and settlement implementation and training.

Land Titles

  • 1230.24 square kilometres of Category A Land (surface and sub-surface title)
  • 1165 square kilometres of Category B Land (surface title only)
  • 33.36 square kilometres of land set aside as reserve

Financial Compensation

$21,646,715 in payments over 15 years

Hightlights of Specific Provisions


  • Participation in government employment, contracting and development projects on the Traditional Teslin Tlingit Territory.
  • Option to acquire up to 25 per cent of royalties held by the Yukon government, its agencies or corporations, in future non-renewable resource development and hydro-projects on the Traditional Teslin Tlingit Territory.
  • Guaranteed participation in commercial freshwater and sports fishing, outfitting and commercial wilderness adventure travel, and employment opportunities for work related to heritage sites, forestry and surveying.

Fish and Wildlife

  • Specific moose harvest for subsistence needs.
  • Primary consideration in allocation of freshwater fish resources on the Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory.
  • Approval required for any proposed game farming or ranching on the Traditional Territory when such activities might affect Teslin Tlingit harvesting rights.
  • Rights to harvest wildlife and forest resources in the Nisutlin River Delta Wildlife Area.

Special Management Area

  • Establishment of the Nisutlin River Delta National Wildlife Area as a Special Management Area and preparation of a joint management plan that recognizes and protects traditional and current Teslin Tlingit use of the area.


  • Provisions recognizing and protecting several heritage routes and sites, such as the Nisutlin River Valley, as having cultural and heritage significance.

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