Health & Social Development Department


The Health and Social Development Department delivers a wide variety of confidential and professional services to promote and foster a healthy Teslin Tlingit community, in line with Ha Kus Teyea (‘Our Way’). The Health Team collaborates with clients to develop personalized case plans, meeting clients where they are at on the road to self-sufficiency.

Working with Teslin School, the Yukon Child Development Centre, the Workforce Development Department and other TTC Departments, the Health Team promotes the ongoing healthy development of all Citizens through wellness supports, the Early Learning and Childcare Centre and diversion.

Our Priority

Empowering Citizens to be their best.


  • Programs and services exist that are successfully engaging Citizens in efforts to strengthen their self-reliance.
  • Programs and services exist that encourage healthy, productive lifestyles for all Citizens.
  • Children start school with the appropriate cultural, social and language skills.
  • There is a consistent practice of case management, collaboration, and professional growth.

Latest News

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