High School Education

Attending high school is a milestone in the education of Teslin Tlingit students. For those living in Teslin and having to travel to Whitehorse, it can be challenging. Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) recognizes this by providing students with support programs aimed at helping them focus on their education while keeping in touch with their culture and community.

Accommodation for High School Students

Teslin Tlingit students attending high school in Whitehorse have the option of living in private accommodation or staying at Gadzoosdaa Student Residence. TTC offers financial support to help cover rental costs for students in Whitehorse. To apply for funding and for more information, see Student Accommodation.

Education Support Worker

An Education Support Worker is based at F.H. Collins Secondary School. She provides liaison between teachers and parents of Teslin Tlingit students attending school there and at Vanier Catholic Secondary School. As well, she attends parent-teacher interviews on behalf of parents who cannot attend.

Peer pressure can be very hard to resist when students are without the immediate support of their families. The Education Support Worker also provides valuable support for Teslin Tlingit students living away from home.

Community Support

For Teslin Tlingit students attending high school in Whitehorse, it can be lonely being away from their home and family. To make it easier, TTC arranges a number of special events for students during the year, which include the following:

  • Family dinners for special occasions
  • Elders’ visits to Whitehorse to meet with students and help them keep in touch with their culture
  • Family members are encouraged and welcome to join students at mealtime any time at Gadzoosdaa Student Residence
  • Students are taken for outings several times a year
  • Graduates are treated to a special graduation dinner with all their family members, Elders and the Chief, and gifts are always provided

Attendance Incentive

Attending classes on a regular basis is necessary for students to succeed academically. TTC offers incentives for its students to attend high school classes in Whitehorse. For more information, see High School Attendance Incentive.


Tutoring is provided free of charge in every high school in Whitehorse and at Teslin School in Teslin. It is also available for free at Gadzoosdaa Student Residence and the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre. TTC does not fund tutoring. Specialized subject tutoring (i.e. math, science, etc.) is the responsibility of parents.

Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus provides transportation for Teslin Tlingit high school students between Teslin and Whitehorse on Fridays and Sundays during the school year and holidays. On an availability basis, seats may also be available to other TTC Citizens, staff and community members.

The Yukon Government provides TTC with a travel subsidy to help cover the costs of transporting Teslin Tlingit high school students to Whitehorse. Parents whose children are attending school in Whitehorse need to apply to the Yukon Government for the travel subsidy. To apply, complete the Transportation Subsidy Application Form (PDF) and submit it to the Yukon Department of Education.

For information on the schedule and fees, see the Shuttle Bus service page.

Grads from Years Gone By


Teslina Grant, Phillip Wurtak, Hannah Turner, Winston Jackson, Sonja Jackson, Dustin Sheldon, Spensor Jamison, Nick Hogan, Roberta Wally


Reanne Sydney, Roslynne Hycha, Kathryn Porter, Andrew Smith, Branden Park, Michael Blahitka


Amanda Keleher, Tor Davies, Alex Lindsey, Blake Roy Geddes, Wilfred Johnston


William Callaghan, Silas Grant, Justin Magill, Chantai Minet, Edmond Thompson


Mary Bob, Paul Bosely, Kheil Davies, Justin Hogan, Iris Johnny, Kyle Smith, Michael Usher, Agnes Vance, Tanner Wurtak-Quash, Tianna Smarch


David Hall, Aaron Harpe, Sam-Paukner Keenan


George Sydney, Jonathan Usher, Aaron Johnston, Aaron Smarch


Sarah Fox, Timothy Hall, Daniel Jackson, Karla Jennings, John Lindsey, Daniel Smarch

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