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As part of the Finance Department, the Information Technology (IT) Group is currently composed of two permanent positions, an IT Manager and an IT Trainee. The IT Group’s principal responsibilities involve the development, deployment and maintenance of the Information Technology, Telecommunications infrastructure and associated services for the government of Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC). The IT Group also distributes surplus computing equipment to TTC Citizens on an annual basis.

Recent Initiatives

Videoconferencing – there are now four locations within the offices of TTC in Teslin that are served with video conference systems. An additional site in the Whitehorse office of TTC is also available. Internal government meetings as well as public meetings are facilitated through videoconferencing connecting TTC Citizens in Teslin, Whitehorse and other locations as required. These facilities have also been used to connect TTC Citizens with other Tlingit speakers in the Yukon and Alaska during Tlingit language classes.

Phone system replacement – TTC’s aging and increasingly problematic phone system has recently been replaced with a modern VOIP (voice over IP) system. This system will provide dependable telecommunications for many years to come and position TTC to take advantage of new technologies as they become available.

Data Network Modernization – TTC’s data network has been updated to provide a high speed (1 GB) backbone service to all TTC’s buildings in Teslin. This data network provides fully converged Voice and Data services meaning that any one jack can have a telephone, computer or both plugged into it. This greatly simplifies deployment and maintenance issues.

New Website – TTC’s website has been modernized and will provide a suitable platform to communicate more effectively with TTC Citizens and rest of the world.

Latest News

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  2. News release Rick Scramstad 14-Jun-2018
  3. Government of Yukon and Teslin Tlingit Council sign intergovernmental agreement Rick Scramstad 12-Jan-2018

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