Justice Council

The Justice Council plays a large role in the implementation of the Administration of Justice Agreement, including the appointment of the Chief Peacemaker and Associate Peacemakers. The Justice Council is composed of five members, one appointment from each of the five Teslin Tlingit Clans, and receives administrative support from the Justice Department.

Justice Council Members

Kùkhhittàn Representative

Pauline Sidney

Ishkìtàn Representative

Anne Turner

Yanyèdí Representative

Martina Sydney (Chairperson)

Dèshitàn Representative

Joanne Jackson

Dakhl’awèdí Representative

Mary Johnston

Latest News

  1. News release Rick Scramstad 14-Jun-2018
  2. Government of Yukon and Teslin Tlingit Council sign intergovernmental agreement Rick Scramstad 12-Jan-2018
  3. TTC files a petition against the Government of Canada Rick Scramstad 20-Dec-2017

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