Land Management

The Lands and Resources Department is responsible for monitoring all activities within Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory to ensure sustainable land use for the benefit of present and future generations.

Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory covers 27,275 km2 in Yukon Territory and approximately 10,000 km2 in British Columbia. Through the Final Agreement, Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) retained title of 2395.74 km2 of Settlement Lands. Permits are required for all developments on TTC Settlement Lands, and all proponents of industrial activities within Traditional Territory are first to contact the Lands and Resources Department. To see the location of TTC’s Settlement Lands and Traditional Territory, visit our Maps page.

Traditional Territory

Project Proponents

The Lands and Resources Department has the responsibility of monitoring industrial activities taking place within Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory in the Yukon and British Columbia. All project proponents are asked to contact the Lands and Resources Department before beginning a project within Traditional Territory; this will enable us to build a positive working relationship with proponents, as outlined in our Communications Best Practices (PDF) leaflet. For more information on TTC’s arrangements with mining proponents, see Mining.


The Lands and Resources Department makes submissions to the Yukon Socio-Economic Assessment Board (YESAB) for all projects that take place within Traditional Territory. This is an important step to ensure TTC’s interests are known and understood by regulators and the broader community. The Yukon and Socio-Economic Assessment Act (YESAA) is a critical component of the Final Agreement (Chapter 12).

Settlement Lands

The Settlement Land and Resources Act gives TTC, through the Lands and Resources Department, the power to issue permits for activities on Settlement Land. For more information, visit our Legislation page.


Both TTC Citizens and non-Citizens require permits to develop Settlement Lands. Permits are issued or renewed for terms not exceeding three years, and are subject to terms set by the Director of Lands and Resources. Permits are required for any activities or developments on Settlement Land. For more information on permits for developments, see Development Permit. For information on permits for other activities, see Land Use Permit, Quarry Permit, Burning Permit, or Permit to Cut and Remove Fuel Wood.

Environmental Assessments

The environmental assessment of a project on Settlement Land may be required by the Lands and Resources Department at the Director’s discretion. Some activities will always require assessment under the YESAA. Please contact the Lands and Resources Department for more information.


The Lands and Resources Department manages the tenure (“ownership”) of Settlement Land.

  • Leases: These agreements are issued for Citizens and non-Citizens. They are generally issued for a period of 30 years, with the option of a 30 year renewal.
  • Allocations: This type of tenure is for Teslin Tlingit Council Citizens only. They are issued on a permanent basis. Allocations are often used for traditional use sites (Site Specific Land Selections).
  • Fee simple: Teslin Tlingit Council does not offer fee-simple ownership of Settlement Land.

For information on how to apply for a Settlement Land lease or allocation, please see Leases and Allocations.

Subdivision Developments

Sawmill Road

Through the Teslin Tlingit Council/Yukon Government Joint Land Development Committee, TTC and the Yukon Government have been pursuing the development of residential lease lots in the Sawmill Road area of Teslin. This project will bring a number of residential lots online for lease to the general public. It is anticipated that the first phase of this project will be completed in 2012.

Little Teslin Lake

The first project of the Teslin Tlingit Council/Yukon Government Joint Land Development Committee was the cottage lot developments at Little Teslin Lake. This project saw a total of seven TTC lots and 18 Yukon Government lots made available for lease. Currently three TTC lots remain available to be leased.

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