Language programs are developed and available for all Teslin Tlingit Council Citizens and the general public who wish to learn the Tlingit language. They are tailored to individuals’ ability and time constraints with a view to supporting those who wish to participate in the preservation of and continued use of the Tlingit language by future generations.


All programming provided by TTC contains a language component with the purpose of contributing to the preservation of the Tlingit language and its transmission to future generations. Below is a list of Teslin Tlingit language programs.

Language Classes

Language classes are scheduled regularly by the WorkForce Development Department, in classroom settings or via video conferencing.

Language Resource Centre

The resource centre provides a collection of videos, books, compact discs and older cassette recordings.

Mentorship Programs

Mentorships are available for individuals with mid-level to advanced Tlingit language skills.

Daycare Language Learning

A Tlingit language teacher supports language learning at the Dluwkat Hit Daycare in Teslin through the Headstart program.

Language Support Programs

The WorkForce Development Department provides support materials for the Tlingit language programs offered at Teslin School.

Traditional Skills Workshops

Traditional skills workshops are put on by TTC. These workshops create an environment in which language is taught in a cultural setting. For more information, see our Culture page.

Harvest Camps

Culture camps are put on by the Heritage Department at harvest times. These camps provide an environment in which language and traditional skills are transferred to the next generation of Citizens. For more information, see our Culture page.

For enquiries about upcoming language classes or other language programs, contact the Language/Culture Coordinator at 867-390-2532 ext. 308.

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