Through legislation, Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) develops and enforces laws that define specific institutional details and the parameters of jurisdictions, including key government structures, accountabilities and remedies.

A set of regulations is associated with each TTC law, which interprets and describes in detail the practices and measures by which the related law will operate.

TTC Acts

Administration and Interpretation Act (1998)

  • Recognizes that TTC is the trustee of Citizens and has a duty to work towards the creation of an environment that enables Citizens to enjoy spiritual and physical health and to live with dignity and pride in Tlingit culture and heritage.
  • Ensures the protection of human, civil, legal and aboriginal rights of TTC Citizens in all of its government and administrative processes.

Administration and Interpretation Act Administration and Interpretation Act (101 KB)

Fish and Wildlife Act (1998)

  • Ensures conservation in the management of all wildlife and habitat, and develops responsibility for management by Citizens.
  • Preserves and enhances the renewable resource economy, and the culture, identity and values of Citizens: honours wildlife harvesting customs; provides for the wildlife needs of Citizens; ensures the maintenance of essential ecological processes and the preservation of biological diversity.

Fish and Wildlife Act Fish and Wildlife Act (104 KB)

Income Tax Act (1998)

  • Enacts a law levying an income tax on individuals who, for tax purposes, are resident on Teslin Tlingit Settlement Lands.

Income Tax Act Income Tax Act (66 KB)

Residency Grant Act (2001)

  • Provides an economic incentive for individuals, who are not currently residents of Teslin Tlingit Settlement Lands, to become and remain residents on Settlement Lands in order to encourage population growth and economic development on Settlement Land.

Residency Grant Act Residency Grant Act (36 KB)

Goods and Services Tax Act (2003)

  • Enacts a law levying a goods and services tax on taxable supplies made on and personal property and taxable supplies brought into TTC Settlement Land.

Goods and Services Tax Act Goods and Services Tax Act (73 KB)

Settlement Land And Resources Act (2008)

  • Ensures that Settlement Land and resources are held and managed in trust for all Citizens.
  • Establishes a comprehensive and integrated process for making decisions which consider and protect environmental, social, and cultural values, and enhance Citizens’ control over the protection of Settlement Land and resources.

Settlement Land and Resources Act Settlement Land and Resources Act (109 KB)

Settlement Land and Resource Use Regulations Settlement Land and Resource Use Regulations (129 KB)

Peacemaker Court & Justice Council Act (2011)

  • Establishes and provides guidelines for the operation of the Teslin Tlingit Peacemaker Court, and provides the powers necessary to carry out the functions provided for in the Administration of Justice Agreement.

Peacemaker Court and Justice Council Act Peacemaker Court and Justice Council Act (281 KB)

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