A number of Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) agreements, acts, regulations, and policies, relating to renewable resource and land management, provide direction for the Lands and Resources Department. For information about TTC’s acts and policies in general, visit the Guiding Principles pages.


Final Agreement

TTC’s Final Agreement sets the foundation for the management of land and resources by Teslin Tlingit Council.

The following chapters of the agreement have particular relevance to the Lands and Resources Department:

  • 5 – Tenure and Management of Settlement Land
  • 6 – Access
  • 9 – Settlement Land Amount
  • 10 – Special Management Areas
  • 11 – Land Use Planning
  • 12 – Development Assessment
  • 15 – Definition of Boundaries and Measurement of Areas of Settlement Land
  • 16 – Fish and Wildlife
  • 17 – Forest Resources
  • 18 – Non-Renewable Resources
  • 41 – Water Management

Self Government Agreement

TTC’s Self Government Agreement describes many issues relevant to the management of Teslin Tlingit Council’s Settlement Lands. Most important are Chapter 13 (Legislative Powers) and Chapter 25 (Compatible Land Use).

Acts and Regulations

Settlement Land and Resources Act

The Settlement Land and Resources Act (SLRA) (PDF) is a key tool for the management of Settlement Lands. First enacted in 1998 and revised in 2008, the act provides TTC with a range of powers and responsibilities. The purposes of this act are to:

  1. ensure that Settlement Land and resources are held and managed in trust for all Citizens, including future generations of Citizens;
  2. establish a comprehensive and integrated process for making decisions that considers the importance of environmental, social, cultural and heritage values of Citizens and ensures protection and conservation of Settlement Land and resources for present and future generations;
  3. fully consider and use the knowledge and experience of Citizens in making decisions about Settlement Land and resources;
  4. enhance control and responsibility for the use and protection of Settlement Land and resources by Citizens; and
  5. protect the culture, traditions, health and lifestyle of Citizens and to ensure that information about these things is used respectfully and wisely in making decisions about Settlement Land and resources.

Land Use Regulations

Land Use Regulations (PDF) work in conjunction with the SLRA to give TTC more specific means to regulate activities on Settlement Lands.

Fish and Wildlife Act

The Fish and Wildlife Act (PDF) is a critical component of Teslin Tlingit Council’s approach to managing wildlife and harvesting. Enacted in 1998, the FWA has a number of important functions:

  1. to ensure conservation in the management of all wildlife and their habitat;
  2. to preserve and enhance the renewable resource economy of Citizens;
  3. to preserve and enhance the culture, identity and values of Citizens;
  4. to integrate all aspects of renewable resource use and management;
  5. to develop responsibility for renewable resource management by Citizens;
  6. to honour wildlife harvesting customs of Citizens;
  7. to provide for the ongoing wildlife needs of Citizens; and,
  8. to ensure the maintenance of essential ecological processes and the preservation of biological diversity.

Fish and Wildlife Regulations

The Fish and Wildlife Regulations (PDF) work in conjunction with the FWA to give TTC the means to regulate activities related to hunting, fishing, trapping, gathering, and research


Mining Policy

Teslin Tlingit Council Mining Policy (PDF)

This policy reflects TTC’s responsibility to protect its Aboriginal and constitutional rights, title and interests throughout the Traditional Territory in Yukon and British Columbia. TTC therefore exercises its authority as required by its Constitution, its SGA and enacted laws including the SLRA, in order to ensure that all mining activities and developments in the Territory will promote the following objectives. For more information, please see Mining.

  1. Protect and accommodate TTC’s Aboriginal and constitutional rights, title and interests
  2. Satisfy TTC’s principles for environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability
  3. Provide social and economic benefits directly and indirectly to TTC and related businesses

Land Management Policy

This policy applies to land use and occupancy of all Settlement and Fee Simple Lands held by Teslin Tlingit Council. The policy also applies to all lands within the Traditional Territory in Yukon and British Columbia to the extent that the SLRA applies to those lands. The policy guides the administrators of the land to ensure a fair, consistent and transparent process is in place. If you would like to view this policy, please contact TTC’s Manager of Policy and Communications at (867) 390-2532 ext 310.

Traditional Knowledge Policy

Traditional Knowledge Policy  (PDF)

This policy is designed to protect and preserve the rights of TTC Traditional Knowledge holders and to ensure that those who access and use Teslin Tlingit Traditional Knowledge will not misuse the information. Traditional Knowledge is an important source of information that can contribute to intergovernmental relations, land development, project planning, resources management and environmental assessments. Ultimately, it is a way of life that respects all living things and guides our relationships and responsibilities to everything around us

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