Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) is mandated to conserve Teslin Tlingit lands for future generations. TTC aims to work with mining companies to find a suitable plan which balances environmental sustainability, capacity development, and employment opportunities for TTC Citizens. For more information on this government initiative, see Resource Development.

TTC seeks the opportunity to be part of resource activities and projects, and if appropriate, partner with resource companies. Project proponents are to first approach the Lands and Resources Department: or 867-390-2532 ext. 375.

Resource Development Mandate

TTC Resource Development Mandate TTC Resource Development Mandate (839 KB)

TTC’s Resource Development Mandate, created in 2012, provides information on Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory and outlines the purpose and elements of Resource Agreements, distinguishing between Impact Benefit Agreements and Exploration Agreements.

Mining Policy

TTC Mining Policy TTC Mining Policy (1077 KB)

TTC’s Mining Policy, developed in 2008, aims to protect and accommodate TTC’s aboriginal and constitutional rights, satisfy TTC’s principles for environmental, economic social and cultural sustainability, and provide social and economic benefits directly and indirectly to TTC and related businesses.

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