Moose (Dzisk’w) are an important part of Teslin Tlingit culture and subsistence. The Lands and Resources Department implements voluntary hunting restrictions and promotes awareness of sustainable moose harvesting through training sessions and informational materials.

NOTE: For the 2012 hunting season, we ask Citizens to limit moose harvests to one per family and to not hunt in the Nisutlin area between October and January.

Nisutlin River Region Moose Management Plan

The Nisutlin River watershed is known as the “breadbasket” of the Tlingit people. However, due to the accessibility of the area from the Canol Road and the Nisutlin River, local concern regarding the health of the moose populations is significant. This plan will aid resource managers at Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) to attain a balance between resource use and conservation, while monitoring the health of the population.

Salvaging Roadkill Moose

TTC is currently developing an interdepartmental policy, which will state that road kill should be used whenever possible for celebrations and government functions, and disallow the harvest of cow moose for government purposes. TTC makes an effort to redistribute meat to the community, and appreciates your help by reporting road kill to the Fish and Wildlife Officer, (867) 390-2532 ext 376 or

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