Negotiated Agreements

A large number of Program Service Transfer Agreements (PSTA) have been negotiated with the Government of Canada to allow Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) to take responsibility for delivering programs that cover a broad range of services including health, social, culture, education and governance.

Financial Transfer Agreement

This agreement establishes a schedule of payments to be made by the federal government to Teslin Tlingit Council. These funds include treaty implementation, programs and services taken over by the First Nation, governance, as well as the Administration of Justice. This five-year agreement extends until April 2015 with a possible two-year extension.

Financial Transfer Agreement Financial Transfer Agreement (2251 KB)

Administration of Justice Agreement

On February 21, 2011, the Teslin Tlingit Council signed a historic agreement with the Government of Canada and Government of Yukon recognizing Teslin Tlingit Council’s jurisdiction to administer justice within its Traditional Territory.

The main features of the agreement include the power to impose penalties for violations of Teslin Tlingit Council legislation; appoint individuals to enforce and prosecute violations of these laws; and establish a Peacemaker Court to adjudicate violations and to reconsider decisions made by Teslin Tlingit Council's government officials or administrative bodies.

In preparation for the implementation of the Administration of Justice Agreement (AJA) and in particular, the Peacemaker Court, Teslin Tlingit Council Justice is working to complete one piece of legislation: the Peacemaker Court and Justice Council Act. The legislation will be based on Tlingit values and principles and ensure the proper implementation and exercise of authority outlined in the AJA.

Work to be completed includes Citizen consultations, General Council meetings and the nomination and appointment of the Justice Council and Peacemakers. Workshops are underway to educate Citizens on how the Peacemaker Court will impact Citizens and Non-Citizens who enter or work on Teslin Tlingit Council territory.

Now that the first phase of the Administration of Justice Agreement has been completed with establishment of the Peacemaker Court, ongoing negotiations will continue over the next four years focusing on enforcement and corrections.

For the news release and background information about the AJA from the government of Canada, visit

Administration of Justice Agreement Administration of Justice Agreement (599 KB)

Peacemaker Court and Justice Council Act Summary Peacemaker Court and Justice Council Act Summary (455 KB)

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