Negotiated Programs and Services

Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) has negotiated with Canada for the responsibility to administer a number of federal programs for its Citizens. Yukon government programs have not been devolved to TTC, as Section 18 of the Self-Government Agreement remains unresolved between the governments of Canada and Yukon.

TTC regards its Status and Non-Status Citizens equally in providing access to the federal programs it manages. As Canada provides funding only for Status Indians, TTC manages programs with an ongoing shortfall. It is important that TTC Citizens who are Status Indians register themselves officially with Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development (, as this will enable TTC to access the funding it is entitled to offset the costs of the programs.

Federal Programs Administered by Teslin Tlingit Council

TTC assumed responsibility from Canada for the management, administration and delivery of the following federal programs and services for the benefit of its Citizens within Yukon Territory.

Band Management

  • Comprehensive Community-Based Planning
  • First Nations staff development
  • Consultations and Policy Development
  • Band Employee Benefits

Economic Development

The responsibility for economic development programs and services is the achievement of economic growth and self-reliance.

Local Government Services and Facilities

TTC’s Capital & Infrastructure Department is responsible for delivering the following programs:

  • Facility Operation and Maintenance - Operations and management of community capital facilities and services.
  • Capital Infrastructure - Planning, acquisition and construction of community capital facilities, such as water, sanitation, electrification, roads, community buildings, fire protection facilities and the maintenance and improvement of the health and safety of First Nation capital facilities.


The Capital and Infrastructure Department builds, maintains and provides housing for TTC Citizens living on Settlement Land and manages the following programs.

  • Planning, designing, upgrading and renovating of housing
  • Maintenance and improvement of the health and safety of First Nation housing


The Workforce Development Department is responsible for delivering the following education programs. Instructions and forms for applying for these services can be found under Services.

  • Education Services – Counselling services, elementary school supplies, cultural education services, education and instructional supplies
  • Room and Board Allowances - Costs of accommodation, winter clothing and cost of living allowances for elementary and secondary school students who have to attend school outside of their home community for a specific grade or course not offered in their community
  • Grad Clothing - Cost of graduation clothing for secondary school students
  • Post-Secondary Student Support Program, including the University and College Entrance Preparation Program - Financial support towards costs for post-secondary students’ tuition (including lab fees and activity fees), textbooks, living expenses and travel (to the nearest location where the intended program of studies is provided, if not provided in Yukon)
  • Indian Studies Support Program - Financial support towards the costs of Status Indian post-secondary education, and improvement of opportunities for Status Indian students to complete post-secondary programs of study. Emphasis is on disciplines relevant to First Nation self-government and appropriate labour markets as determined by First Nations and the enhancement of First Nation language, culture and traditions

Social Services

Social assistance and social services are delivered according to Yukon Territory standards and the Canada Assistance Plan to eligible recipients who need financial assistance, care and support. Information on eligibility and how to apply can be obtained at Health & Social Department.

  • Basic Needs and Special Needs - Food, clothing, shelter, personal items, household items, fuel, and emergency allowances
  • Adult Care - Homemaker services for those requiring assistance in the home
  • Family Violence - Initiatives designed to reduce the incidence and impact of family violence affecting Citizens.
  • Disabilities - Initiatives designed to integrate Citizens with disabilities into the community.

Note: The former two services are delivered following an objective needs test that ensures equitable and impartial treatment and client confidentiality, and provides a publicly available benefits schedule specifying rates, conditions and criteria for eligibility . They do not include social assistance and social services delivered by Canada through the Regional Intake program of Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development, Yukon Region.


A Community Health Representative (CHR) within the Teslin Tlingit Council Health & Social department assists private, federal and territorial health professionals in providing Teslin Tlingit Council Citizens with access to health information to provide protection from communicable diseases and other illnesses through education, intervention and immunizations, support for those who are chronically ill or who are making lifestyle change, awareness of environmental health issues, assist and encourage Elders, the physically disadvantaged and the mentally challenged to achieve healthy independent lifestyles.

For more information on any of the following programs, please contact the Health and Social Department directly.

  • Addiction Services - National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) - administration of an alcohol and drug abuse prevention, intervention and counseling program in the community
  • Brighter Futures - Promotion of the health and well-being of children at risk aged 0-6
  • Building Healthy Communities – Support or enhancing of mental health and home-care nursing programs and prevention of solvent abuse in the community
  • Prenatal Care - Community programs which promote pre natal nutrition
  • Health Careers - Promotion and provision of opportunities for Teslin Tlingit Council summer students to enter and participate in the health care fields
  • Health Liaison - Reviewing ongoing Teslin Tlingit Council community health requirements, interacting with other community agencies to improve Teslin Tlingit Council community members’ awareness of health issues and of measures that can be taken to improve health, and participating in the co-ordination of solutions to community health issues
  • Health Management and Support - Program management and administration for community-based health programs
  • HIV/AIDS Program – This program aims to prevent and control the spread of HIV/AIDS infection and reduce its health, social and economic impact among First Nation populations. It encourages and supports active involvement of First Nation communities in community-based HIV/AIDS programming.
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) – To reduce the number of babies being born with FASD, programs are being introduced to First Nation communities that help make life better for children with FASD and their families, and to help First Nations move towards long-term programming using “best practices” to achieve these objectives.
  • Home and Community Care – Basic community support services to maintain and encourage independent living. These may include assistance with special transportation needs, grocery shopping, accessing specialized services and interpretative services without duplication of essential services that the Yukon is expected to provide.

Culture and Language

Programs for culture and language are administered by the Department of Heritage.

  • Aboriginal Language Program – Aims to preserve, develop and enhance Aboriginal languages of the Yukon in order to maintain and protect these languages; to enable Yukon Aboriginal communities to assume increased ownership of their Aboriginal language responsibilities and to help Aboriginal communities to meet their language needs
  • Aboriginal Language Initiative - for 2010/11 only – The goals are to protect and teach Aboriginal languages of the Yukon within Aboriginal communities and homes by increasing the quality and number of projects that preserve, protect and teach First Nation languages. This initiative aims to develop long-term community strategies to revitalize and maintain First Nation languages, including inter-generational communication in the language that will help increase the number of speakers and expand the area in which the language is spoken.

Future Programs in Negotiation

Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)

Alcohol and Drug Services (Yukon)

Aboriginal Language Initiative

Health Canada Programs

National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy

Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative

Maternal Child Health

The next series of Financial Transfer Agreement negotiations will focus on own source revenue. Exploratory discussions will begin regarding financing, efficient and effective delivery of programs and services relating to infrastructure, heritage, and lands and resources, and development assessments.

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