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The Implementation and Negotiations Department is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Final Agreement, Self-Government Agreement and other negotiated agreements in conjunction with the Governments of Canada and Yukon to ensure obligations are met.

Efforts are made to resolve any issues arising from the Final Agreement and the Self-Government Agreement at the Implementation Group level. If they cannot be resolved, they are put forward to be addressed politically. The Implementation and Negotiations Director negotiates on behalf of Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) to take responsibility from the federal and territorial governments for the delivery of programs and services to TTC Citizens. Departments that will manage the programs are actively involved in this process. The Director is also responsible for negotiations for the Financial Transfer Agreement.


An Outcome driven, triple E government: Efficient, Effective, Empowering.


Implementation and negotiation of TTC Final and Self-government Agreements.


  • Continue Justice negotiations with a focus on corrections and enforcement
  • Establish the Justice Department and Peacemaker services
  • Resume negotiations on Alcohol and Drug Services
  • Complete the negotiation for transfer of the Human Resource Skills Development Program
  • Continue Chapter 13 negotiations
  • Establish priorities, and continue planning and negotiation under Chapter 22
  • Deal with the class service issue with other First Nations
  • Assess TTC services and infrastructure condition and funding to increase or create equity in the funding of this component of the FTA in four years

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  2. News release Rick Scramstad 14-Jun-2018
  3. Government of Yukon and Teslin Tlingit Council sign intergovernmental agreement Rick Scramstad 12-Jan-2018

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