Peacemaker Diversion

Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) takes a proactive approach to ensuring well being in the community. The Health and Social Development Department coordinates diversion processes which are based in Ha Kus Teyea (‘Our Way’) and focus on communal rehabilitation.

While the diversion process provides rehabilitation for offenders, the Health Team provides a comprehensive referral service for victims, and can cater confidential counselling services to meet individual, family or community needs. The health team recognizes the importance of community healing, and coordinates healing and grievance camps as needed.


The pre-diversion process can occur following minor offences, before a conviction has been made. The process involves Clan and family members and works towards repairing harm.


The Yukon Territorial Court can refer TTC Citizens convicted of crimes to TTC’s diversion process. Through completion of the process, clients can be dismissed of charges and receive no criminal record. This process is important for allowing Tlingit forms of retribution and healing.

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