The day-to-day operations of the Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) are funded by revenues from two primary sources, the Financial Transfer Agreement (FTA) and Own Source Revenues (OSR).

Financial Transfer Agreement

The FTA is an agreement between the Government of Canada and TTC that provides money for the operations of our First Nation government departments and the delivery of programs and services including Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Executive services, policy development and salaries.

Own Source Revenue

The FTA requires TTC to report and contribute a significant portion of revenues it receives on its own account.

Personal Income Tax (PIT)

95% of PIT paid by Teslin Tlingit residents living on Settlement Land is returned to the TTC to run the government. This occurs only when residents claim that they reside on Settlement Lands on the T1 PIT General Form. They must enter the TTC identification number 11011 (see Why Citizens Should Register as Status Indians on the Citizenship page). 50% of the PIT revenues received by TTC reduce the amount of the moneys received from Canada under the FTA.

First Nations Goods and Services Tax (GST)

95% of GST based on goods and services consumed on Teslin Tlingit Council settlement lands is returned to the First Nation to run its government. The PIT paid by residents of settlement land is an important factor in calculating the GST. Therefore it is important that the T1 PIT General Form is properly completed as described above. 50% of the GST revenues received by Teslin Tlingit Council reduce the amount of the moneys received from Canada under the FTA.

Financial Information Statements

To provide transparency, demonstrate accountability and fulfill publishing obligations under the FTA, Teslin Tlingit Council will be posting financial information, which is not confidential or proprietary on its website.

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