Citizens who own their own homes, live on Teslin Tlingit Settlement Land, and whose house has health and safety issues that need to be addressed may apply for funding from the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) as part of the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program. Elders who would like to continue living in their homes comfortably can apply for the Home Adaptation for Seniors Independence through the same process. Renovations will be done either by the Capital & Infrastructure Department or tendered to external contractors.

How to apply

Citizens applying for CMHC funding do so through Teslin Tlingit Council; applications can be completed at the Capital and Infrastructure office. Contact the Department at 390 2532 ext 391 to set up an appointment.

For information on the CMHC Residential Rehabilitation Adaptation Program (RRAP) visit the CMHC website.

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