Wildlife Harvest Permits

Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) Wildlife Harvest Permits are mandatory for all hunters, including TTC Citizens, within Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory (PDF). Permits are issued for the harvest of moose, caribou, small game and game birds, and must be carried when hunting, along with Proof of Enrolment and Identification.

Please report your harvest within one week to the Department of Lands & Resources, Fish & Wildlife Officer or Game Guardians. Your information helps us manage our resources more effectively and ensures that we have a sustainable harvest for future generations.

Obtaining A Permit

Visit the Lands and Resources Office with your Proof of Enrollment or Yukon Government Hunting License and Identification. You can also obtain a permit from the Fish and Wildlife Officer or one of the Game Guardians on patrol. For more information, please contact 867-390-2532 ext. 373.


  • TTC Citizens / First Nations - Free
  • Non-First Nations- $20
  • Outfitters - $200

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