Wolf Pelt Incentive Program

In 2008 TTC initiated the Wolf Pelt Incentive Program. The program aims to encourage and enable Citizens, by supplementing the low market prices for wolf pelts, to maintain their traditional ways of harvesting and being on the land. Furthermore, by helping to increase the wolf harvest, the program addresses the current high wolf populations within the community.

The program fosters the correct and respectful handling of wolf pelts. The Lands & Resources Department runs training sessions to help educate Citizens on the correct process of handling pelts.

In the 2010/11 fiscal year Lands & Resources, acting a decision by the Executive Council in December 2010, increased the incentive from $100.00 to its current level of $200.00 per pelt.

The incentive process includes the following criteria:

  • Hunter/Trapper must produce a seal from Yukon Territorial Government
  • Hunter must produce a Teslin Tlingit Council Wildlife Permit
  • Hunter must comply to inspection at the Lands & Resources Department
    • Inspection will assess general condition of pelt and fur handling. To receive the full incentive hunters/trappers must produce well-handled fur i.e.: skinned, fleshed, stretched and dried. Incentive may decrease if fur has been handled incorrectly i.e.: frozen ball or raw hide.
  • Inspector may tattoo hide.

For more information on the criteria, and the incentive program in general, please contact the Lands & Resources Fish and Wildlife Officer on 867-389-2532 ext. 376.

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