Settlement Land Leases and Allocations

The Lands and Resources Department assists Citizens to arrange allocations and leases of Settlement Land for traditional and recreational uses, residential use, as well as commercial and other uses.

Allocations are available to TTC Citizens of 19 years or older, and provide the exclusive rights to a parcel of land. Leases are available to non-Citizens, and are issued generally for terms of 30 years with the option to extend for an additional 30 years. If granted an allocation or lease, the individual must accept responsibility to protect the land and treat it with respect, and to pay all property taxes or fees that TTC may impose. All applicable laws, including TTC, Yukon Government, and national laws must be followed on allocated and leased Settlement Land.

Any development or non-traditional activity on allocated or leased Settlement Land will require a Land Use Permit. For more information please contact the Lands and Resources Department at 867-390-2532 ext 373, or see the Settlement Land and Resources Act (PDF) and Settlement Land Allocations (PDF) leaflet.

Application Process

The application process for allocations or leases can take up to nine months.

1. An applicant attains an application form from the Lands and Resources Office, and Lands and Resources staff work with the applicant to ensure the form is complete.

2. Lands and Resources staff examine the application and consider a wide variety of issues. These conditions include:

  • The size of the application
  • The environmental sensitivity of the area
  • The density of human activity in the area
  • The planned use of the area
  • Historic use of the area by ancestors
  • The physical conditions of the parcel in question

3. Lands and Resources staff bring the application, along with the data relating to the above criteria, to Executive Council for a decision.

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