Temporary Financial Assistance

Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) is provided in coordination with other support systems to aid Citizens on the path to self-sufficiency. Job training, counselling, and other services are arranged as needed. TTC’s TFA program is completely confidential and delivered in line with Ha Kus Teyea (‘Our Way’). Funding amounts vary depending on the individual’s situation and needs.

How to Apply

Visit the Health and Social Department or contact the TFA Case Worker at 867-390-2532 ext 382.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I receive TFA in Whitehorse?

The Financial Transfer Agreement with the Government of Canada means that TTC can only provide services within the Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory in the Yukon. If TTC were to provide TFA funding off of Traditional Territory, such as to Citizens living in Whitehorse, TTC would no longer receive funding from the federal government for this sort of programming.

Can TTC help me find a job?

Yes. When you apply for TFA, TTC will work with you on setting up a case plan. The case plan will take you through all the steps you need, such as training, to help you find a job in your area of interest. The Workforce Development Department is available to help all Citizens with career planning, resume writing and interview training.

How can I appeal a decision on my TFA file?

Any decision made on your TFA file can be appealed. All aspects of the appeal process are kept confidential. The appeal process starts with you sending a letter to the TFA Case Worker which describes the reason for appealing. The TFA Case Worker or the Workforce Development Department are available to help with letter writing.

Stage 1: Review by the Health and Social Department

  • The client sends an appeal letter to the TFA Case Worker. This letter must be sent within 30 days of when the decision being appealed was made.
  • Within 10 days of receiving the letter, the Health and Social Department meets with the client and considers the appeal. The Health and Social Department lets the client know their decision in writing.

Stage 2: Review by Executive Council

  • The client lets the Health and Social Department know that he/she is not happy with their decision, and would like to appeal to Executive.
  • The Health and Social Department sets up a meeting date with Executive and informs the client. The client, or the client’s chosen representative, attends the meeting.

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