Trapping is an important part of Teslin Tlingit culture. Within Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory, there are a total of 40 traplines: 17 Category 1 traplines, 11 Category 2 traplines, and 12 traplines without category in unresolved overlap territory. Marten, squirrel, wolf, lynx and wolverine are some of the species found in Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory, and their fur is used for locally produced arts.

The Lands and Resources Department encourages the use of traplines, and offers assistance with trapper trail maintenance. Please note that the completion of a five-day Trapper Training Program is mandatory to hold any trapping concession. For more information about traplines, see Section 16.11 of the Final Agreement (PDF) and the Yukon Government Trapping Regulations (PDF).

Category 1 Traplines

The Teslin Renewable Resources Council (TRRC) reviews and puts forward recommendations to the Director of Lands & Resources and the Executive Council on whom to award or allocate Category 1 traplines. For more information on the relation between the Lands and Resources Department and the TRRC, see our Collaboration page.

Category 2 Traplines

Category 2 traplines are administered by the Yukon Government. The TRRC reviews and provides recommendation to the Yukon Minister of Environment on whom to award or allocate Category 2 traplines.

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