Wellness Support

The Health and Social Development Department has a professional and well trained team, offering comprehensive and collaborative wellness support services in line with Ha Kus Teyea (‘Our Way’). Support services can be adapted and catered to individuals’ needs or preferences. All support services are completely confidential.

Financial Assistance

Temporary Financial Assistance

The Health Team recognizes the importance of assisting individuals financially, to support them on their road to self-sufficiency. Financial assistance is provided in tandem with other supports to help employable clients move into the workforce. The Health Team takes a collaborative approach with Workforce Development and other Departments to offer training, career counselling services, and other funding opportunities to support individuals in their area of interest, such as the Artists Assistance Program.

Community Care

Home Support

Meals on Wheels

The Health Team provides care services throughout the community to ensure the health, comfort and safety of Citizens and their families. Elders and others in need are regularly assisted with cooking, cleaning, and home maintenance. The Health Team emphasizes the importance of nutrition. Healthy hot meals are delivered to homes through the Meals on Wheels program, and healthy staples are available for pick-up at the Health and Social Development Department.


Wellness Counselling

Peacemaker Diversion

The Health Team recognizes the importance of taking a community approach to healing and rehabilitation. Highly trained and professional counsellors, with specializations in a variety of areas, are available for group, family, couple or individual counselling. Healing and grievance camps are arranged in response to community needs and involve traditional methods of counselling. The diversion program enables the Clans, family and community to rehabilitate criminal offenders through processes of group healing, based in Ha Kus Teyea.

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